I've considered myself a photographer for such a long time now. I can't remember a time when I was not constantly thinking about my next vision & how I'd bring it to fruition. There are SO MANY different ideas out there. It gets overwhelming.

I also want to start showing a more creative side of my work. Editorial, themed, dramatic. I want to capture it all. So here is a semi-comprehensive list of shoots I'm dying to do!

Themed Birthday

>Rubber Ducky Bubble bath

>Star Wars

>Berry Cute Baby


>Awkward Family Photos

*90's, 80's, terrible poses, terrible clothes, you know the vibe.

>Family Painting Party


*Pumpkin Head Family

*Ghost Pals

>Wild Flower Fields

>Rainy Day

>Milk bath (Babies)

>Princess Tea

*I have a bunch of super cute Disney Princess dresses that need to be shown off!

I'm always coming up with new ideas so check back often for the updated list! If any of these ideas interest you let me know, I'd love to work with you :)