I recently stumbled upon a Facebook page for an amazing magazine called Photograp.her. This magazine is all about photography and is specifically geared towards females. They publish both digital and physical copies every month. What's really cool is that they give you the opportunity to have your own photo published in one of their issues. I decided to give it a shot and guess what? My photo got published not once, but twice! 

Every month, Photograp.her magazine has different categories that you can enter your photos into. These categories give you a chance to showcase your skills and creativity. If your photo gets selected, it will be featured in one of their issues. Isn't that exciting? It's a great way to get your work out there and gain recognition for your talent.

Photograp.her magazine not only provides a platform for showcasing your photos but also offers sections dedicated to education and mentoring. These resources are designed to help you grow and improve as a photographer. Whether you're a beginner or already have some experience, you can find valuable tips and guidance on their website. It's like having a personal mentor to support you on your photography journey.

If you're a female photographer looking for a place to share your work and learn from others, Photograp.her magazine is the perfect fit for you. With their monthly publication opportunities and educational resources, you'll have the chance to showcase your talent and continuously improve your skills. So why not give it a try? Who knows, your photo could be featured in their next issue!